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Pet Owners

Making the decision to have surgery on your pet is a stressful time.  Dr. Gillick founded Fuzzypaws Mobile Surgery (FMS) to make that experience easier on you and your pet. Dr. Gillick partners with your regular veterinarian to bring you advanced surgical services to the hospital and veterinarian you trust and have chosen to care for your pets for years. This team approach allows the balance of convenience while still offering the high level of surgical expertise you and your pet need without having to travel to a specialty hospital.


Once your veterinarian has deemed that surgery is the best course of action for your pet, they will contact FMS directly to arrange for Dr. Gillick to travel to their veterinary hospital to perform surgery.


Dr. Gillick’s mission is to provide advanced veterinary surgical care with the highest ethics, compassion and skill, without his patients or their owners having to leave the comfort and trust of their family veterinary practice.


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