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Services Offered

Orthopedic services offered:

TPLO / Arthroscopy – all stifles are scoped and any meniscal tears are treated arthroscopically. Ability to offer TPLO in patients as small as 2kg and up.

Lateral suture imbrication for cranial cruciate ligament rupture including TightRope procedure.


Arthroscopy – (i.e., FCP of the elbow, OCD of elbow, shoulder, stifle, tarsus, biceps tendon release)











Fracture stabilization – (instrumentation for fracture

repair in all size patients from miniature breeds & cats

up to giant breed dogs)


FHO - femoral head and neck ostectomy


Patella luxation correction 

Collateral ligament stabilization


Soft Tissue services including, but not limited to:


Anal Sacculectomy

Brachycephalic surgery

Gastrotomy / Enterotomy


Oncologic surgery

Perineal Urethrostomy

Total Ear Canal Ablation

Consultations – must be arranged by a referring veterinarian. We can offer direct referral consultations in your hospital with a client in certain circumstances. (i.e., already coming in to your hospital for a procedure, can often see 2-3 referrals while at the clinic).


Dr. Gillick can arrange for a phone, telemedicine, or video tutorial with the client of the surgical procedure he will be performing and will provide the hospital with written instructions pertaining to post-op recovery and follow-up required.  Dr. Gillick will also review follow-up radiographs on his surgical patients at no extra charge.



Veterinary hospital can contact us via email at for pricing on the various procedures.


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